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COVID19 has given Sudden Grievance push In Whole world - Qshort

 COVID19 has given Sudden Grievance push In Whole world- Qshort

COVID19 has given Sudden Grievance push In Whole world- Qshort
The world is facing the ruthless situation in this current condition for COVID19 . China was the first east Asia county which discovered destructive “CORONA” virus. This virus was discovered at China at the end of the year 2017. That’s why it is named “COVID19”. China suffered from this virus so badly. After that Italy, Spain, French, USA failed to pull out the certain pathetic death rate. Now this virus is attacking to south Asia. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Iran and so many other countries. The pandemic snatches so many life as any vaccine or medicine is not invented still. But scientists are trying utmost to find out the solution. This is a “Communicable Disease” so it spreads through air, small droplets from the nose or mouth, touching surface of objects and touching face-eyes-nose.

What should we do?

The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests:

  • Washing hand repeatedly along 20secs.
  • avoid handshaking.
  • To avoid touching any part of face.
  • avoid crowed place
  • To maintain social distancing
  • Staying neat and clean as possible.
  • Staying home as much as possible.
  • If it is necessary to go out then wearing mask and hand gloves must.
  • Eating vegetable, fruits, fish, meat, egg and others necessary food to grow immunity system inside the body.
  • If it is normal fever, cough and difficulty breathing then take doctor’s suggestion and keep the treatment inside house.
  • If it is long term fever, cough and difficulty breathing then need to test as soon as possible.

To stop spreading Corona virus most of the countries are now under lock down for maintaining social distancing. For this huge time confinement at home is causing weak mentality to fight against it as human are social being. So, it is most important now to make all of them strong mentally. To bring come to light from such unstable situation need to know about the mental health. Proper guidelines will turn this worst situation of frustration, psychological imbalance.


COVID19 has given Sudden Grievance push In Whole world- Qshort

  1. Physical activity or exercise:
    Exercise not only maintain the fitness but also take care of the overall health. Natural and effective treatment say that exercise reduces anxiety which helps to improves mental health. Different human emotion like depression, and negative mood are improved by physical activity. Medical experts say that exercises, including jogging, swimming, cycling, walking, gardening, and dancing have been proved to reduce anxiety and depression.
  2. Family Time:
    Most of the adult family member spends busy life for better job but in this situation all the family members are insider the home. Family members can talk together on funny moment and can play different indoor game together.
  3. Reading story books and others:
    Books are the best friends of human and it’s the best time to read books without any hesitation. Story books, ghost story books, comic books, fiction, journal, magazine and so on are capable of giving peace and lot of joy for the mind in this situation of social distancing. This will help to remove the mental stress.
  4. Listening Music:
    To gain the inner peace the is no alternative of enjoying music. The music has psychological effects which is powerful and wide-ranging. The intervention of Music therapy is sometime utilized to promote emotional health that help patients cope with stress, and boost psychologically. The sound, harmonics, rhythm creates a peaceful environment in case of social distancing.
  5. Focusing on religious:
    COVID19 Is a Disease which God's punishment . So we should pray from Allah .For daily busy life people failed to spend time with GOD/Allah and mostly they forget it. But religion always helps to deal with the most stressful moments of lives which gives the hope to move on. Every religion said about the peace so it another source of mental peace to keep well mental health.
  6. Practicing favorite hobbies:
    This is another way to keep healthy mental situation. This is not only give us the peace but also this is helps to gather knowledge and to improve the skill. Arts, sketches, paintings, music, dance, writing, cooking, reading, tree planting, crafting, paper work and so on are under the hobbies which people usually do in their spare time. It helps to convert the mind from destructive current world.
  7. Keep contacting with relatives:
    Though people are maintaining social distancing but technology is much fast and improved so it is easy for all to keep contacting with relatives, brothers, sisters, cousins and friends. Different social media keep people close enough in every moment. Facebook, Instagram, what’s up and other social media are available for phone call, video call and for gaming purpose and also to improve the bonding.
  8. Household work:

    This is not kept house clean but also some works perform physical activity. Children need to help the parents in this work which will be helpful for them. This helps to grow supportive mentality.
  9. Relaxation and Positive thinking:

    Progressive mental situation needs relaxation for each people. This is really effective for refreshing the mind. Yoga and meditation are also perfect relaxation. This makes the soul balmy for long time. Again, negativity can never bring happiness so it is badly need to be a positive thinker. A positive thinker can conquer of frustration and sadness.
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10.Keep Learning and researching:

Ocean of knowledge will never be end so it is the best time for learning new something beside course syllabus. Internet and books are the great source of knowledge. Different online class and websites are available for learning purpose. People who like researching it is the best time for them as the get the unlimited time to study more about it. Researching is also helpful for several purpose.



This scared COVID19 situation is equal for all age. So, it is necessary to maintain the decrees properly. The main reason of high death rate at different country is only not maintain social distancing strictly. But proper medical treatment system, vantillation facility are also responsible equally. The ultimate destination is now to get rid from corona virus which by creating the social distancing and awareness for people. But psychologist claims that mental health care is badly need in this situation and exploration of proper guidelines are in reality hang on for vigorous mental care.




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